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Welcome to the Beloit College Portal!  Access to the portal is available to all current faculty, students and staff. 

Please sign in with your Beloit College username and password.

(Your username is the part of your email address to the left of the @sign. Do not include " " in your username.Enter the password you use for email.)

Check out the tabs at the top of the screen to access pertinent information about academics, advising, financial information, and more.  On each tab, look for additional links in the left hand navigation bar.
If you are having trouble logging in to the Portal, please contact IT Support at 608-363-4357 (HELP) or email

Problems downloading to Excel

Due to a recent Microsoft security update, certain reports/queries are not opening in Excel like they used to. This is affecting the Simple Query portlet (class lists, student lists, etc.), the Faculty Course Control portlet, and the GL Lookup Inquiry portlet.

As a workaround, please use the CSV link (in the Simple Query portlet) to try to download the information as a .csv file that can be opened in Excel. If the CSV link isn't available, save the file to your computer and then browse to where the file is located. Right click on the file and select Properties. Then, click the "Unblock" button at the bottom of the General tab. Try to open the file with Excel again. If prompted about a file type mismatch, click Yes to open the file.

If you are still having trouble, please contact ITSupport and someone should be able to provide you with the needed information. Please provide the name of the report/query you are trying to download and any criteria used to produce the information.